Monday, December 13, 2010

Elder Passos and me

Sister Lobato, Elder Carneiro, Sister Martins, Jeppson, Passos (on the chair in the back) and ME

Me, Passos, Jeppson, and Carneiro

Feliz Natal!

Everyone I hope you are well, and cold, because it´s super hot here, and it´s only going to get hotter!

Well as for Christmas style things here, we have no one home and gigantic pole with wreaths that light up at night, and in the Centro we have a Nativity set, and we have Trees, lots of things done by the Catholic Church (Probably most Prominent Christian Church here) some people have Christmas lights, but it´s just not the same without snow....

We even saw Santa Claus on the street, or Papai Noel as they call him here. I feel kinda bad for saying this but I just don´t think Santa works when he´s Black......

Oh yeah in the Centro there are these angel looking dudes and they all have the same face and there hands look like they go melted slightly or something they look almost retarded. It´s really funny looking!

This last week wasn't bad, we taught a bunch of people but no one wanted to go to church and our mission presidente wants everyone to go to church at least once before we can baptize them or really do much more with them.

We did have a baptism yesterday, but it hardly counts. It was a daughter of a active/inactive family and it was only her that needed to be baptized, but since she was 9 it went to the missionaries, which is... well me. Her dad was inactive for like ever, and they wanted to wait for him to get back to church to baptize her and they thought that her waiting might work, but it didn't seem to do much and when you are 9 and up you go to the missionaries.

So we did the interview because her dad went back to church a couple weeks back and then they wanted her to get baptized so they asked us to interview her, so we did and her older brother baptized her and her dad confirmed her.

It reminded me of a time a little over 2 years ago when I baptized my little brother and my dad confirmed him. It was a cool experience. Both times.

My sister will like this part, there is a guy in the ward here that played his clarinet for the baptism yesterday, it was pretty cool.

I've been remembering lines from Christmas movies.... wow good times, Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and I think we all need to remember the real meaning of Christmas, read it in Luke ( the Bible) it´s about our Savior. It´s about what you can do for other people, not what you´ll get in return, the Savior didn't ask for anything in return, just obey and do what is right, a small price to pay for Eternal Life, and your Salvation. The Savior died for us. What can you do for another person?

I will write more next week about the real meaning of Christmas seeing as next week is the week of Christmas.

But now, it´s Turbo time!
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner(or Donder, depending on the story) Blitzen, hahaha I can do this all day!

And the Classic,
You´ll shoot your eye out kid!

Flick, Flick who?

Oh one funny thing happened this morning, the Assistants called us to confirm who we baptized yesterday and then they said to my comp, have a good p-day and my comp said you too, but p-day for them.... is on Saturday! It was pretty funny..... you too! (From Brian Regan)

I am Elder Richardson, and I end mine epistle to the Americans, amen

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