Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Everything is muito bom in Brasil! I love being here. It is amazing!!! I’m so glad I’m a missionary. Ok the funniest thing this week was my companion when we were looking for a staircase and he wanted to know where it went and I said up and down and he said, but on the sign the stairs are going down.... It was funny. My new companion is awesome. My district is the same, but with my new companion. It’s all good here.

And I got hit in the face with a voleibol 3 times already!!!!

Conference was amazing!!!!!! Wow maybe it´s just me but I got so much out of it this year!!!! It was so amazing!!! I got 24 pages of notes. We watched all of the sessions. We got it live and in English.

We went to the temple today again, it´s great as always. I leave here on April 27, just so you know.

I love the food and everything... Best food I had this week was some fried pork.

Last week I went proselytizing!!! Yeah we do that here! I got to pass out 4 Books of Mormon! and today we gave another guy we met on the street last week one too! He spoke English and talked to us for about an hour..... It was awesome!

I get along with everyone in my district and my companion.... We are working on the 3 lesson in Português! We practice doing the lessons. It´s awesome! We don´t have to teach the lessons in any order, just to the needs of the person, but to be baptized, they need all 4.

Everyone I love you!

Have a wonderful week! Atê amanha . . . until next week.

Send me letters!!!!

--Elder Richardson

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  1. I'm so glad he got to watch conference in English! Everything sounds great so far!