Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We did get a letter from Taylor this week--his P-day has been changed to Wednesday. Note how excited he is by all of the exclamation points (I even cut out about 50 or so. . .)

OI OI OI!! Pessoas!!! [Hello people!]
Eu te amo todo!!!!!! [I love you all!]

Ok, now to tell you some more information!

My breakfast consists of a roll, meat and cheese, you can grill it or not and then some juice or water. EVERYDAY!!!!! Lunch and dinner alternate, but usually we have some meat, beans, rice and watermelon!

I wake up at 6:30 and shower then we have Personal Study. Right now I’m studying O Livro de Mórmon. I have breakfast after that and then class with our teacher Irmão Rocha. Then lunch, then more class with Irmão Ijan. Then dinner, then companion study, MDT, (more study) then gym where we play voleibol!!!! Then a snack and bed! We just language classes.... we are doing very well in Português! I don’t give myself enough credit or have enough confidence.... everyone says I can do it really well....

Funniest thing this week was eating an apple in .22 seconds!!! Yeah the whole thing. The strangest thing was getting a new companion and a new P-day. My new companion is way cool though, so it works out. His name is Elder Snyder from Boise, Idaho. He is pretty cool. Yeah the guys in my district are Elder Holmes, Orem; Elder Rich, Salt Lake; Elder Smith, Washington; Elder McKay, Washington; Elder Sharratt, Washington; and Elder Snyder, Boise Idaho.

The saddest thing is not getting mail or a package! Everyday I ask Irmã Gaspar if I got a package but she says no..... I do have to ask her in Português though.... The day I leave the CTM is April 27.

The most spiritual thing this week was practicing street contacts and bearing my testimony. ON FRIDAY I GO PROSELYTING!!!!!! It’s going to be so easy and cool!!!!

Most people here in the CTM get along just fine, there are still not a lot of missionaries here [because of the visa problems] but there are a lot here.... Português tomorrow—we are not speaking any Inglês.

On P-day we go out into the neighborhood until 5. Today we went to the São Paulo temple again, it’s great!

You can’t really see the night sky here in the city but when I’m in the field I will! The rain/thunder/lightening storms are amazing though!!!!

Have a wonderful week!!!! I love being a missionary!!!! Everyone who can be should be!!!!

Eu te amo!
Love, Elder Richardson!

(I understand that it takes anywhere from 3-12 weeks for a package to arrive. I'm hoping for four--I'm sending Taylor a package to the mission home so when he gets there at the end of April it will be there. If anyone wants to send anything, let me know and I'll add it to our package, or of course you can send your own! Small boxes (up to 4 pounds) are $13, make sure to say on the small green customs form it is a "gift" and check "return to sender if not deliverable." Don't ever list the value of the package over $20--too enticing that way. Call me if you have any ideas or questions.)

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  1. I love how excited he is! His enthusiasm is contagious!