Monday, October 17, 2011

So anyway I´m sure you guys want to hear the results of Transfers, huh?

I'm still here in Jaboticabal with Elder Castro!

Nothing happened, this is the first time this year (2011) that I stayed with a comp for more than one transfer!

I was switching my comps a lot there for a while. So it's possible I could have at the most 2 more comps. I hope just one more, and possibly 2 more areas... just one more.

This last week was good but.....WET.

I'm not kidding we got rained on 7 times in one day! We got pretty wet.

It's hard to work in the rain seeing as lots of people (most Brasilians) have a fear of the rain, they don't want to get wet or something, and also they think you will get sick if you go out in the rain.

People don't stay at home, I don't know where they go, it's possible that they just stay at the store they are at. Then if they are at home they don't answer the door. or they make up the excuse, but it's raining.... Look I know it's raining, but what does that have to do with you hearing a message about God? Nothing. So can we come in and talk to you? It's raining..... I know it's raining....

That's how it is.

We had a good week despite the rain. We met some really cool people and we are going to baptize them.... for sure.

We had like 10 non members at church yesterday, and now we need to contact them. Most of them came from inactive families. So we are going to reactivate and baptized and complete familes!

This transfer will be great, I know it.

We met a lady yesterday who talks A LOT but is really cool. She was passing by the church and talked to some members there and forgot to give her address to them and sent her son with a paper that had her address and put it in the mailbox. Well we found it a couple days later and got there on Sunday (yesterday) and she was really cool and really wants to be a part of the Church.

It was a really cool experience.

Everything we did last transfer was obviously to prepare us for this one. It will be great!

Love you all!
I am Elder Richardson, LD, pai do Elder Castro and I end mine epistle, amen

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