Monday, October 24, 2011

Me and Elder Ribeiro waiting for the phone call. (The last missionary lost the phone.)

Capyvara--world's largest rodent. This one is about the size of one of the pigs you see at the fair. ("Tick" fans--this is "Speak.")

Elder Ribeiro and Açaí

As I walk down the deserted streets of Ribeirão Preto on a Sunday afternoon, the cold wind hits my face as if I were on a mast of a boat lost at sea. The darkness in the skies looms over us in the form of darkening clouds, churning with rage and threatening us with hours of cold, harsh rain. I slowly look up at thm and shake my head in disbelief and quietly think to myself "Not Today" I quickly look down again at the dirty sidewalk to not get the flying dust particles in my eyes. As we near our destination and turn down another deserted street, I see a piece of loose paper fly in the powerful wind, as we turn the corner I heard a sound of tumult and we arrive close to a bar and hear the people drinking and laughing and listening to the live accordion music, I steal a look to the side and smile and as we turn for the last time we arrive at our destination.........some time later.......A rich dark amber liquid falls into my cup like the descent of a cascading waterfall, the liquid is as cold as ice and small droplets of water slide down the glass making it slippery and cold, stinging when you touch. Despite the intensity of the heat of the air and the extremity of the cold, I lift the glass to my dry chapped sun-burnt lips. The cool liquid flows into my mouth and soothes my dry, dirt- ridden throat. As I finish my cup, it leaves a refreshing taste and a tingle in my throat......The cool liquid was indeed......Guaraná.... The liquid of Brasil.

So anyway that was my week, how was yours?


So anyway, I got emergency transferred....again.... this is the 3rd time in my mission! I went to Ribeirão Preto and stayed there in a place called Vila Virgínia, my comp is now Elder Ribeiro from Curitiba.

We started with ZERO and we had to work from there, we were both new to the area, seeing as he got trasferred here on Monday I got there on Wednesday, on Tuesday the Assistents called and asked if I could help them and told me I was getting transferred the next day. Oh well. Things happen and when the Lord and your Presidente have trust in you, you gotta answer the call.

So not much happened this week but this week should be good!

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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