Monday, February 6, 2012


Ok I'm not trunky in any way..... not at all. Ok, it's not easy NOT thinking about home and what will happen, and not thinking "I don't care!" But that's not the attitude I can have. hahahaha but it is pretty hard.

I love it here, ok and I will be truthful, I don't remember half of the week last week. I do remember Thursday and on. Ok and bits of the other days.

Monday was P-day

Tuesday we had District Meeting, it was the last one of Elder Rich seeing as last Friday was his last day. His parents came to pick him up. We just knocked on doors.

Wednesday we knocked on doors..... again and we met with our LMA..... [Ward Mission Leader]

Thursday was when everything started to go well. We met a guy named Fernando.... yeah that's not a name we haven't heard before. He was way cool and we are going to go back on Saturday. That was about all that happened of real importance on Thursday.

Friday we decided to take a look on a list of members and see if we can visit some less actives that are about our age. Seeing as kids don't care and adults também. So we got about five names and went to all of them, and at one of them we found, not the less actives but some other family that moved into the house. They let us right in and they accepted everything.

Then on Saturday we did a similar thing found the rest of the less actives about our age and went to all of them, we left with our LMA for a couple of hours and we taught a lady that didn't want anything and then we tried to visit some other people then we went to a reference from our ever famous "You Suck" cards. I will refrase that. They are "You Suck" cards if we talk to you. If not then you get one if you aren't home.

This family got one and called in for the DVD "Finding Faith in Christ" or Encontrando Fé em Cristo. That makes more sense to me. We went over there and they were awesome, the guy said he has been praying to find the right path. You found it dude!

Then we went to a less active family we are visiting. They are way cool. Then we went off to another investigator. Then Sunday rolls around and we do the same thing try and finish our list of less actives.

But a girl named Rosiane, that we found on Friday, went to Church so we went back on Sunday night to talk to her about Church and then her sister's husband was there. We had only talked to Cristiane and Rosiane, not the dude. It was great. They are way cool and want to go to Church and Rosiane wants to go back. She loved it. We are going back there tomorrow.

Man, it was a good week. We were so tired everyday. We walked a lot and taught a lot too.

Man it was a great week. We did so much and did our best. It was great.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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