Monday, July 12, 2010

Todo Mundo! E ai? Beleza?
Eu tinha uma boa semana, foi bom. Foi bom. (I had a good week. It was good.)
Também, ah Espanha ganho Copo Do Mundo, neh? (Also, Spain won the World Cup, no?)
Muito bom. (Very good.) Eu não queria Holanda, porque eles ganho de Brasil. (I did not want Holland, because they beat Brazil.) Então, agora é tempo pra Inglês. (Now it is time for English.)

Hey this week went by way fast! Muito Rapido! Next week is Transfers so we´ll see if I get to email you or not!

I hope you guys are happy, well this week we baptized Fabiana, the lady in the picture. Then there is one picture of me.... that's about it... She is married to Oséias and they have 2 kids. Flavia and Alana...

Everything is going great here in Américo.... I love being a missionary..... Nuff said. I don't really have much to say about this week..... I don't know where it went..... I just want everyone to know that I´m happy here, and all of you with your calls and preparing and not preparing to go on a mission, I want you to stick with it!

Good Luck! Elder Richardson

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