Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 5

Man it sounds like a louca semana! ok here we go! OPA!

Hey guys what ‘s going on in the USA? It's not bad here in Brasil, but man it's muito chato about the Copo Do Mundo! I think the Europeans wanted it more this year, all Ámerica Do Sul has left is Uruguai.... I think Espanha will take it this year maybe Alemanha..... I don ‘t know.... I'm still having a great time here.
Elder Malaquais and Luis

Me and Pepe

We baptized this week, this guy named Antônio, he is way cool! In the big group picture its me, Tamires, Antônio, Elder Malaquias and Malaman.

Man I'm really happy here. Yesterday I gave a blessing to another Tamires, she is 7 and wants me to baptize her but I probably won't be here so we found an alternative; a blessing for children. So I got to do that. It was cool but I was freaking out because I don't know enough Português! It went pretty good though.

Well we got a new mission president this week and we don't have any huge changes yet or at least we don't know about them yet, we will find out probably Quarta-Feira.

This last week was fairly uneventful, I really can't think of what to say..... Everything is going great, we tried to use our Área book but that didn't work....

I hope you guys are having fun, I know I am! Remember who you are! If you can serve a mission do it! If it is a money problem, don't worry the Church will help, if its something else talk to your bishop, he will know what to do!

It’s so great being here!

I am Elder Richardson and I end mine epistle, amen.

Amo Vocês!!!!! Elder Richardson!

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