Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The moon is made of cheese........
E AI USA!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys what’s up?

Not too much is going on here, it’s a sleepy city....

Favorite drink, Guarana

I found out that Halls (cough drops) are candy here.... talk about abuse of medicines..... some people’s kids.....

Ok I found this chiclet called Baba de Bruxa, which is Drool of the Witch, and Cabeça de Abóbora, which is PUMPKINHEAD!!!!!! For those of you who know what the signifcance of that is, LAUGH!

Ok I’m going to tell you something I miss: I miss being able to put my clothes in a magic box with magic powder and push a button and poof my clothes are clean, then you put them in another magic box and push a button and poof they are dry and ready to use!!!!!

I went to an English school and the teacher thought I didn’t speak Português, but I do speak a lot for 6 months, (well that’s what everyone says) I don’t think so...... anyway, she started speaking in English with me and I naturally responded in Português, and she was like wait you speak Portugês? And I said, yeah, I have 6 months here.... But it was way cool, her students are more advanced, they asked me questions in English and I responded. It was cool then I talked to a newer class and they thought it was way cool.

Here's a picture for my dad. . .

But yeah that’s about it. I don’t remember much else, we kinda worked, we had conference, my mission president is way cool!

I’m super happy and I hope you are too! I love you guys!

Abraço com amor,

Elder Richardson

P.S. I am Elder Richardson, Master of Awesomeness, Speaker of English, Hero of Casmo the English School, Only American in Votuporanga, Comp of Elder Sória and I end mine epistle, Amen.

Any guesses what this is? Think of Taylor, you'll see it. . .

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  1. Poor Elder, no washer and dryer! I know I wouldn't survive.
    Is the pic of little guys playing instruments?