Monday, August 9, 2010

Taylor said this is Elder Carlos, as in Carlos the Dwarf
(a reference from the TV show Freaks and Geeks).
No, not the new companion.
This is for Taylor's brother, Dante.
I am guessing this is Votuporanga.
Nice view!
And for me, my favorite place to eat pizza in Italy was in Napoli (Naples). I hope it's at least close to that great pizza!
Taylor said they haven't eaten there yet, but are planning to--hope it's good!
Taylor's version of Super Missionary. . .
Okay, here's the new companion, Elder Soria.
Thanks for the T-shirt Moni! (BLAB is Bear Lake Aquatics Base, the scout camp where Taylor spent his summers for four years, and loved it!) The Iron Man mask was from one of our recent birthday parties. Didn't want Taylor to miss out!
And this is for Dad--he ate these treats in Argentina--one of his favorite food memories!
Can you see the Woody key chain on Taylor's pack? This looks like a roadside rest stop. . . okay, probably isn't, that's my guess.

Nossa Cara Que isso? Então, tudo bem aqui, oh, Eu recebi uma CAIXA!!!! Hahahahhahaha (Hey everyone, everything here is good, oh and I received a box!)

Hey guys what’s going down? Man this last week was nuts, I went on a divisão with Elder B. Anderson, an AMERICAN. It was good for us to get to talk in English for a change, and we amazed some Brasilians... it was way funny.

Ok, we were walking down the street when a HUGE TRUCK came driving by with loud country music, in English, saying “too much of a good thing” then it turned and it had a ton of watermelon or melancia in the back!

I talked to this lady and I asked her what’s your name and she said she didn’t have one!

Everything is going great here, we are happy as can be! Ok I’m going to translate one name for you Mr. Bean, is Senhor Feijão. I thought that was funny!

I got a box this last week and I committed a sin! Ok it’s called that—when you have a futebol time you can’t affiliate yourself with the opposite/rival time, (time is how you say team) (say it TCHEEME). I’m São Paulino and our favorite missionary in Porto Alegre, that’s right Robbie Damewood, is a Corintiano :( BOOOOO! and he can’t get stickers, because it’s a São Paulo Team so I got him some stickers. That’s my sin. Thank goodness for Repentance!!!! Hahahahahha!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer!

Abraço com amor,
Elder Taylor Richardson

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