Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taylor's new city is Votuporanga--it is the uppermost city shown

Nossa Cara que isso?

Man everyone, it’s hot here! Ok for transfers I got on a bus to go to Ribeirão Preto, then I waited for like 4 hours with a ton of missionaries. I got some letters so thank you! Then I got on another 3-1/2 hour bus ride, then I had to wait at the Rodoviaria (road), for over 5 hours... then I got to Votuporanga.... It was crazy!
We usually ride the bus, I don´t know if they have a people train. I feel like Neil Page.... my comp just talks and talks...it will be good because I can stand anything. (Reference to the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles)

I’m having a good, hard time. Here the local stoner/merchant is my best friend, he told me about how he has a Book of Mormon.

They have a flavor of Ice cream here called Milho Verde, it’s green corn. OHHHHHH MAN there were some cats meowing for like an hour at 3 in the morning! It sucked so bad!

Some guy said to his girlfriend when he saw me Quer Religiâo? So I went and talked to him, he had a girls name, Alison.... hahahahaha! They also have Fat Mannequins here.

My comp is from Rio Grande Do Sul, he is 21 and has a Fianceé. It’s going to be hard this transfer.

I can’t send pictures this week, the computer stinks. I can’t think of much more to say, yo quero Taco Bell, or in português, eu quero Taco Bell.


Elder Taylor Richardson

If you want to hear what language Taylor is speaking, click here for a Votuporanga Commercial

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  1. Wow, the traveling sounds crazy! Good luck surviving the new situation!