Monday, September 20, 2010

Remember I’m right here. In my heart? Actually in your arteries.

Well these last couple of weeks was nuts. My sidekick is a whiner and I told him off and said that we needed to work. He called for an emergency transfer because he can’t work in Votuporanga. But I got dragged into it and got ripped out too. (Ripped out of the city?)

So we are still together but in São Joaquim da Barra. Awesome city with awesome members. The members hate my comp. One lady who is key here will only talk to me.

Oh man one thing I saw this week was your stereotypical black dude who is a wannabe gangster and he has the hair, the clothes, chains, whatever and a FANNY PACK!

This last week was nuts, we left Votuporanga and came here and we had conference. And then we were getting to know the area, so it was fairly uneventful, but I like the new area.

Can you find Taylor???

I am still with my sidekick but for probably 3 more weeks. The key members here are going to tell our president that he can’t stay here.

I can’t think of much more, I love you guys.

I am Elder Richardson, the Legend, the Man, the One who used to wear a hat everyday, and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. Too bad his companion isn't as super awesome and positive as he is!