Monday, September 27, 2010

Well hello my friends from the North.

I’m sorry but this week will be without pictures.

Essa semana foi boa (it was good this week), certeza, batizei 3 pessoas (certainly we baptized 3 people). Foi legal. (It was cool.) Então eu vi uma velha com uma barba! (Then I saw an old guy with a beard.) Vixi! (Geez!)

Ok English now. Well we baptized this week, named Danilo, a girl named Yasmim, and her brother Mateus. We have to take a bus to go to our other city Franca for District Meeting, and I have a buddy there so sometimes we do stuff.

Not much else, we didn’t do much.

Oh I was with Elder Walker and we ended up talking to an old lady who showed us an old closed down church. And then we passed by this super hot chick and the old lady put up her fists for some reason as if to fight the girl. Then we found out that it was like a “Check out what I have” to the girl. It was funny.

Oh and an old dude told me he wouldn’t buy yogurt because of one centavo! Crazy man.

I’m sorry there isn’t much to say this week. I’m sure I’ll have more this next week, this last one we just focused on our people to baptize.

Anywho, see ya!

I am Elder Richardson, the Legend, and I end mine epsitle, amen.

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