Monday, October 11, 2010

Well Hello USA! I’m here and ALIVE! I have a new comp, his name is Elder Passos and he is from São Paulo. My new area is called São João da Boa Vista. I’ve heard this guy is good, so I’m in for work! Yay work!

This is my comp’s first time to be senior, I do believe. Yeah, I’m a little too excited to work I think. He said he already likes me because Elder Ellis was my trainer. I’m super stoked so yeah we will get some stuff done, I’ll have some good stories in the next weeks...

Sorry still no pictures, I just got here in the city about maybe a half hour ago so I didn’t have time to find all the stuff I need for pictures.

Well the last week in São Joaquim da Barra was ok, it rained a lot again and we spent 2 days in Franca because we had interviews with our Presidente. Our bus left at 9:30 and Presidente was originally going to get there at 8 but didn’t until 9, so we missed our bus. Then the LZ’s had lunch for us in their area which was forever and a half away, so we didn’t get there until 3.... our bus left at 4 so we ended up staying with them for the night and it rained like no other man!

Interviews with the Presidente were good. And at interviews that means MAIL!!!!!!!!! Elder Walker got a package of candy and so some of the sisters wanted to see what he got, and Walker said to Sister Pietróski I have a present for you and he had a RING POP!!!! and so he “proposed” to her! It was so funny!

I did a division with Elder Israel and it turns out that he likes Gun’s N’ Roses so that’s all we talked about all day!

OK I got up at 5 today so I could get here at 1! And then it was just me and 2 sisters.... hee hee hee! One is actually and old friend, Sister Nascimento.... it was good to see her again. I got to my new area by bus and taxi.

I had a fun time in São Joaquim da Barra, but now it’s time for a new area with a new comp. I’m super excited, everyone that has passed here loved it! I really think this next transfer will be good, and if we stay for more, well then 2 or more will be good!

Oh one thing I noticed about Brasil is if you ask for a cup of water they will only get one for the person that asked, then they will ask the other person if you want one.....

I hope everyone is doing well, because if I am then you should be too! I hope you are happy!

Oh people, if you were planning on sending Christmas cards.... or letters or packages to anyone, I would do it now....... Remember I did work for UPS last year and we started in October. SO if you want them there on time be smart and send them now! (Major hint . . .)

I am Elder Richardson, it’s what I do, I carry chapstick in my pocket, and I end mine epistle, amen.

P.S. And is Brother Epperson lying to me, or are there actually 4 girls that are 20 and quadruplets that live just down the street from us? and they go to the U? and are boyfriendless? (Hmm, what do you think? That does sound like Brother Epperson . . .)

Like there was this one time and I was laying on my bed and a spider was hanging above my face and I was all like’ poosh’ and then he fell... on my face and I was like ‘ahhh spider’ and he was like ...... ‘ahhh Kyle’ and ..... spider.... and That was TOTALLY KYLE! TOTALLY!

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