Monday, October 4, 2010

Hi guys......

Well this last week was nuts. It rained until Friday! My shoes actually stayed dry, I think they are waterproof and if I remember right Dad sprayed them... .So it was hard to talk to people because no one was out on the road and no one was home for some reason.

Well we had a member girl come with us and she beat me in doing contacts in one day! She got 66 and I got 62. This is a little more than a normal number if you are really trying to do contacts in one day, you really only need 80 per week. Nayra is a 15-year old ward missionary so she could go with us. I told her I’d get her ice cream if she beat me.

I found out I really miss Conference. We got to see one session at a member’s house. His name is Milton and we used his daughter's laptop and heard the first session. Sometimes the branch president will get a bus for the members to go to the bigger city, but that didn’t happen.

Oh when I was talking to people I got a flat out no and when I asked why the lady told me.... I don’t know why you can’t visit me, just no. It was totally funky..... oh no pictures this week either..... the other lan house ( where we do internet) wasn’t open so we came here.

We usually go to Franca (the neighboring, larger city) because we have District Meeting that night, but this week we'll go on Wednesday and then have interviews on Thursday with the Mission President. (Then transfers are next week.)

My comp is still the same... I’ve tried to like him but now I’m to the point where the littlest thing bugs me..... he told our LZ that our numbers are down because of me! that I’m not doing anything! Which is a lie, I’m doing it all! The LZs came to do interviews and my comp went off and Elder Walker and I went off. Walker works so I wanted to get some work done and asked if we could do some contacts.... and that turned out to be good because the LZ asked Walker to “spy” on me to see if I was working or not, because my comp is notorious for being a fubeca and pretty much the crappiest missionary in my mission. So I totally saved myself from getting chewed out or getting burned as we call it......

Oh yeah next week I might not get to email you guys so don’t cry if I don’t it all depends on transfers... if I stay or leave or what...... so anywho I don’t remember much more.

Hooray for PIZZA DAY!!!!!

I am Elder Richardson and I am the Keymaster and master cartographer, I am a Legend, and I end mine epistle, Amen

P.S. I remember my first day in public school I was very scared of getting pummeled and sure enough I did at first recess I got pegged in the head by a big red ball it stung with my head hung back to class with a bloody nose and soon it was lunchtime...

Mom said I should ask how poor kids could get fed so I got a book of tickets and a schedule and it read:

Monday -- Hot dog
Tuesday -- Taco
Wednesday -- Hamburgers and Chocolate milk
Thursday -- Sloppy Joes and Doritos in a bag
Friday was PIZZA DAY the best day of the week!

(For those of you who don't know, this is from a song. . .)

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  1. I'm so glad transfers are next week!
    I don't understand the song, but enjoy the randomness. = )