Monday, January 10, 2011

Cardboard man in the street.

Railroad tracks.

Taylor said he's here crying because they can't drink Coke. Bummer.

He just liked the rainbow--I like the rest; what it shows of Brazil and its people.

I have been chosen, farewell my friends, I’m going on to a better place.

Well, this last week was nuts, let me tell you about it. First off, I got left at the Rodoviaria because when I went to do email everyone left and apparently forgot about me. Then I waited forever for my comp, he had like a 7 hour bus ride to get here. So I just hung out at the office with Elder Walker and Elder Campbell. Then finally my comp came and his name is Elder Duncan! He is from Centerville. He is way cool, we got to our area at like 6:30 at night then we started to unpack then we went to meet a lady who is like the ‘mom’ of our area here. My area is called Avelino Palma, and it’s in Ribeirão Preto. It’s pretty cool here, it’s really small, but I like it.

The last Elders didn’t leave much for us here, so we started with nothing really, and we did a pretty good job of starting with nothing to what we have now. We found out about a couple people the other guys were teaching but didn’t tell us and they may be able to be baptized here pretty quick. Then we just worked and got rained on a lot this week, but not as bad as it was in São João da Boa Vista.

Oh I found out something, if a Brasilian has food and you don’t and you stop to talk to them they will offer some to you. I have never seen anyone actually accept, I think it’s just polite and you say no.

Oh me and Duncan have decided that there are sometimes that you have contacts of lessons and stuff that you are just doing to get a number so that your leaders don’t yell at you and you don’t hate them and they don’t hate you. They are called, “Look Lady contacts” and that means like when you talk to someone and try to get and address of someone and they are like “Well I don’t know...” you say “Look lady, I don’t want to really visit you, I just need your address and I’ll write it down and cross it off, we won’t pass there” and she is like, “Well, I..” “Look Lady, I won’t pass by your house just tell me a street name and a number.” And it is pretty funny because sometimes you really want to do that but you’ll start to laugh if you do. It’s pretty funny. I like it a lot here.

Oh yeah I now have a camera!!!!! FINALLY, I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!?!? So I’ll be sending pictures again.

So that was pretty much my week, it was pretty good, just getting to know the area and members and everything, I think it’s going to be a pretty good transfer, but we are almost certain that one of us will leave at the end. But hey let’s make the best of it.

I am Elder Richardson, Comp of Elder Duncan, Missionaries in Avelino Palma, Ribeirão Preto, and I end mine epistle, amen.

P.S. Taylor said his stolen bag was found and probably has all its contents. I assume that means he doesn't have it yet. But that's nice!

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  1. Hooray for his bag being found!
    I love all the pictures, especially the rainbow one. It's fun to think of him just admiring the rainbow and us getting a glimpse of the kind of streets he sees everyday now & are normal to him.
    Great letter!