Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zoom in to see Elder Duncan and Taylor.
Field of Weeds.

Acai berries.

Hopscotch anyone?
Man, this week was kinda crazy, well hey gente!

My comp is pretty much amazing let me tell you, ok you guys all know that thingy that lots of people do, you know where you put like a penny on your elbow and throw it off and catch it in your hand? You know what I’m talking about right? Good because my comp can do it with 15 coins, a raw egg and a deck of cards without a rubber band. Yes they are separate of course but I want to try it with all of them together.

Well we had Açai this week, it’s some sort of fruit from the north but it’s super good. I think I sent a picture....

Yeah in our area is like the stoner area, we passed by a place and almost got high, man everyone there was smoking weed. We got kinda light headed, but we are ok now.....rsrsrsrsrs. Yeah and we also have a lot of prostitutes in our area or at least girls that are like that, maybe not “official” ones, but they do the same thing, and some were trying to talk to us and stuff, (yes this happens a lot) I think it’s because they know that we won’t do anything.....

We saw a bat, in clear daylight! It was outside of a house that we had lunch with and we looked at it and it flew away and the family was screaming and stuff, it was pretty funny. rsrsrsrsrsrs

Yeah this week was good, we found a guy that is really good, his name is Luis and he went to church with us and everything and we might baptize him, he really wants to know about the Church. He was even waiting outside of his house Sunday morning and was reading in the Book of Mormon when we got there.

Oh yeah, I’m sorry I think it was last week but maybe this week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANTEL JENSEN!!!!!! I don’t remember what day it was..... sorry....rsrsrsrsrs

So yeah that is about it. We are working pretty good, I like it here and my comp is good.

I am Elder Richardson, comp of Elder Duncan, Keymaster, and I end mine epistle, amen.

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  1. What an awesome companion. I want to see that trick done!