Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years, Transfers and getting robbed.... yep that’s what I have to say, life of a missionary. We got robbed on the first hour of the year, and we woke up with the cops in our house. crazy, my comp was listening to music from our neighbors and left the door unlocked, I was sleeping. Then my comp fell asleep and a dude walked in and took my bag and my comp’s camera and the phone. So I lost my jump drive(empty) my bag and all my pictures from my album (pictures of friends and family). So If you guys could send me pictures, that would be great. But whatever, we are safe and that’s what really matters.

Then these last 2 weeks we couldn’t get much done because of the holidays, no one was home and it rained pra freakin’ caramba! This letter will be short, but I got transferred to Ribeirão Preto, and my comp is Elder Duncan—I finally got an American!!

Everything will be great, and if I have any health problems I’m already here..... and I’ll probably get to see Presidente a lot, but I don’t know.... so I gotta be good....rsrsrsrsrsrs (laughter)—I’m good, but still, you never know. rsrsrsrsr. São João was good. But now I’m gone, it was sad, we had some good friends there, but hey that’s life. Hopefully I can go back one day, I’d come back to Brasil, I love it here. Everything is going good. I’m happy, I hope you are too!

Oh I want to say Happy Birthday Emily Landon!

I hope your new years was better than mine. I was in a whole other year than you, for 5 hours. rsrsrsrsrs I’ll let you guys know how my week is, next week as always. I hope you are all happy, because I am.

Remember who you are, and who we are, remember your friends, and your family, never forget, even if you think it will be better for them. Especially Missionaries, we don’t lose focus that easy, or for very long, or at least I don’t and many other guys I know. Remember us in your prayers and letters.

I love you all, Happy New Year! I am Elder Richardson, One of Many Elders in Ribeirão Preto, rockin’ the house, and I end mine epistle, amen.

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  1. I can't believe he got robbed! Crazy! So glad it was his apartment and not a hold-up or something and that he is safe!!
    Happy New Year!