Monday, April 11, 2011

The bumper sticker says to get souls for Jesus, that's what I do!

The girl is now my woman, she is a shoe model.... and not slutty.... rare for here....

Interviews are crazy man.....

Ok as an LD I have to do interviews and I got to do my first one on Saturday. It was a really cool experience but it takes a lot out of you. It was cool though.

So anyway this week was good....we had interviews with Presidente Prieto and it seems that he is very happy with me. He said I know how to work hard and I know what to do when stuff doesn't happen. So I guess that's good, he said again he is happy to have me as a leader and to continue on and I will be a great missionary. He said I knew you were an awesome missionary, and your name has power.... ELDER RICHARDSON..... I guess so.... so, I just gotta keep going.

This week we bought 90 eggs because they were cheap and then I walked over 3 kilometers with them or a little over 2 miles....

We had a good but fast and tiring week.... they changed our number system again and now we have to do stuff daily..... not just weekly.... It was a good week again we felt good about the week and that we did our best.

I still love it here, I don't have much to say this week, I don't know why..... sorry.... I love you all, I hope to get letters from you all.

Love you lots, I am Elder Richardson, LD, and missionary and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. Your woman is beautiful!
    Your powerful name is awesome!