Monday, April 4, 2011

Elder H. Pinho, Irmã Neuza, Irmã Clevenir, Me, E. Jeppson, E. Denyszczuk (my comp)

E. Hudson, D. Souza, Denyszczuk, Me

Vixi Maria Altíssima!!!

How you doin'? I´m good. I hope you are too.

I hope all of you watched conference, I hope all men and young men went to the Priesthood Session. I watched what I could but I missed some of Conference because of our lunch hour and some people here in Brasil just can't seem to do lunch earlier.... But whatever, we got to eat and see some of Conference, we even got to watch the Priesthood session even though it started at 9 at night for us.

SO anyway, I liked Conference, I love being able to hear from our living Prophet today. I got to watch about half of it in English, and during the Português parts the translators messed up.... A LOT. I thought they were professionals..... Man, they messed up during the announcements, prayers, you name it. But Nevertheless I loved it, it is so wonderful to be able to watch conference.

I hope you all had a good week. This last week the Assistants came out here and did divisions with us, it was cool I got to go with Elder Jeppson, an old friend. Then because of Conference we lost like 3 days of normal work. But man we worked hard, we came home dead.... literally dead. Yesterday we decided we had very clear consciences and we did our best, we didn't get all the numbers that we "should" have but we literally did our best. We did good.

It was very hot this last week, like always, and it finally started to rain on Saturday.... We walked so freakin' far this last week, and yes I got back into drinking Tereré, an old favorite. Man I love that stuff, I'll show you guys what it is when I get home, that and Chimarrão, you like it... maybe....rsrsrrsrsrsr

I don't have much to say really so I'm going to let you all think about Conference. I'm still happy here, I love it. We all need to serve missions, that´s what our Prophet said....

If you believe in Him why aren't you out here? We need your help. The Lord needs you. You need to do it. Be a man and serve.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, Missionary, and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. Conference was awesome! Great letter and pictures!