Monday, July 11, 2011

Clap, Clap Clap.....Oi Tudo bom? Meu nome é Élder Richardson, e eu sou um missionário da Igreja de Jesuse Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias, e nós temos.....bam.......ok....thanks.

Sometimes it's even shorter than that. That´s knocking on someone's door and then getting it shut in your face. Some people don´t even answer the door, and I know they are there! Then some people just listen to you and waste your time and then just make up some lame excuse why they don´t want to hear your message, I honestly don't know why they do that and don´t just say no. It would be soooo much easier to say ok then, see ya later.

Then some people accept in the street and then do anything they can to avoid us.

This week was pretty good, we helped our LMA with his house and we helped another guy move into our ward from another ward in the city.

We got 6 people at church yesterday, that is an amazing feat, getting one person to church is hard enough!

One lady brought 3 kids and they were all over 8 years old and then 2 members brought friends. it was great, so we may baptize in the coming weeks, pray for us!

This week was pretty good, The lady that brought 3 kids was one of the people we taught last week or the week before.

Maria didn't go this week, she is having a hard time with Coffee.... This is always a problem, the Enemy works hard on people in any way he can.

Other than that this week was normal, it was good and crazy, I love it here still.

I now have over 500 days here on the mission! hahahahhaah

I am Elder Richardson, LD and I end mine epistle, amen

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