Monday, July 18, 2011

A scary baby doll.
A nativity scene.
A motorcycle club sign.
Me and a parrot.
Me and Elder Sharratt.
A cow.
Me and the scary baby doll.
Me and the parrot.

This last week was crazy. Really Crazy.

I went to Ribeirão Preto for a day, because I´m an LD and there was a training meeting for all the leaders.

I had to get up at 1h30 to go to that, and I saw Elder Passos, it´s been a while since I saw him and I saw Elder Walker, from Franca. It had been 7 months since I saw him. It was pretty cool.

Transfers are next week and I don´t know what will happen, I have been here for a while but I could stay or leave, I could train, or go LZ. I have enough time, I have a year and 5 months out here.

So if you guys don´t hear from me it´s because I got transferred.
So anyway, then I went on a division with Elder Sharratt because he needed an interview done, so I did so.

You guys will see some crazy pictures that we took, some are kinda creepy....

We had interviews with Presidente Prieto this week and they went well, we just talked about college and his English and I made a goal with him to do an interview with me only in english by the end of my mission. He accepted.

So anyway this week was good.

I had a good week and I´m happy, Not anything super rad happened. But that´s ok, this week will be really good!

Oh I heard a line that I liked from Brother Bear 2

"When you love someone they stay in your heart forever"

Remember that.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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