Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elder Ilustre, Elder da Costa, Elder Richardson, Elder Campbell, Sister Santana, Sister Albequerque
Back Row: Elder Britton, Elder Holmes, Elder Boren, Elder Wright, Elder Ramos, Elder Belland on the far right at the piano, Elder Porter

Sister Prieto, Presidente Prieto, Elder Castro, Elder Richardson

Elder Britton, Elder Richardson, Elder Campbell, Elder da Costa, Elder Holmes, the Trainers!

Well, this week has been nuts. My comp is a total stud, he wants to work and wants to be here.
His name is Elder Castro, he is 20 and from Brasília. His dad even served a mission. He's an awesome kid, I love him a lot. We are going to make a difference here in Jaboticabal!

And I am known as his Dad! or his trainer!

It’s pretty fun training, you have to explain a lot though. I have forgotten what is was like to not know what was going on.

I’m way way way into the groove of things so it’s kinda hard to remember that and have to explain absolutely everything.

But sometimes it can be good, especially when you know your way is a good effective way to do it, for sure your comp will do it.

We got into Jaboticabal on Wednesday, we missed our bus on Tuesday, but it was ok, we ended up teaching a girl in the Rodoviária. We only had one Book of Mormon and it was in English, and luckily the girl spoke fluent English. So she got the Book.

Then we got our bus the next morning and we ended up having an ok day. Not much happened, but we did find a lady who owns a restaurant, and we taught her and she loved it, we ended up teaching her many times this week and she really wants to hear more, and she loved the Plan of Salvation.

We talked to Josiane, the mother of the 2 girls that me and Elder Negreiros baptized and we made a goal with her to be baptized this month. She accepted.

We had a great week and on Sunday we went to the Catholic Mass, man I told my comp that the Spirit would leave and to be prepared for that. We got to the first step and the Spirit was gone. We stayed for maybe 2 minutes and had to leave. It’s so sad.

Then we prayed to know where to go and we walked for about an hour knocking on doors, and finally at 9:10 we found a family who was ready to hear about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was pretty good.

Good week.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, father of Elder Castro and I end mine epistle, amen

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