Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey people of America!!!!!What is up?

Not much is going down here, just the normal missionary work. Finding, teaching, listening to the Spirit, failing, getting rejected, and going home hungry and tired and satisfied.

I love it out here.

Man, yesterday we were looking through our addresses that we have gotten over the last few weeks and we looked at one my comp got and felt like we should go there. We didn't know how to get there, it was a place that we had never been to. So we followed the map and to our surprise it was very close to a member´s house. So I already knew how to get there. So we taught the girl and she felt the Spirit so strongly when we told her about Joseph Smith. She was amazed at that, and I´m sure she already knows that it's all true. She said she will go to conference with us on Sunday and probably Saturday and will be baptized the next week, she agreed to that, so we will work with her on that.

We found some other people and they have agreed to read the Book of Mórmon and we will need to go over there this week. This week for us will be busy. Very busy. But will be good. We are very excited for General Conference. We are planning on bringing people to watch it. The Girl we taught that lives far away is named Livia, and she was excited at the fact that we can actually listen to the Prophet.

That was about it, oh yeah the Correios or the Post office is having a strike but it will only affect us to a small effect. Our letters will take a little longer to get to the destinations, so I will get your letters but it will take a little longer than normal.

I am Elder Richardson, LD and Pai do Elder Castro, e eu posso escrever esta carta inteiro em Português mas eu não vou. and I end mine epistle, amen

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