Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well ok, I didn't go to bed at 10h30, on Sunday night, I waited and went to the Rodoviária at about 11h00 and got on my bus to go to the Ribeirão Preto at 11h25. We began our travel and got into Ribeirão Preto at about 5h00 in the morning. We were stuck in the Rodoviária until about 7h30 or so when the other missionaries came and showed up. Then seeing as I would stay here close to the city of Ribeirão Preto I can get a bus whenever I want.

My new area is Jaboticabal. My new comp is Elder Negreiros. He is from Florianópolis.

And this is my 9th area, 11th comp and 12th transfer of 16 transfers.
What a crazy way to think about that huh?

So my last week was good, except I got a cold and a sore throat and then I think I got pink eye, or at least some sort of eye infection/irritation. So I had to get some eye drops... that sucks pretty bad. Because I hate eye drops but I had to suck it up and be a man and use them, it's not that bad actually. Not my favorite thing, but not as horrifying as I thought or remembered.

So I'm pretty excited to go to this area, at least I've heard that it's a good area. So we should baptize a bunch of people. At least that´s what´s expected, this area has a high reputation of baptizing. So we'll see what will happens here in a couple weeks.

I think that's about it, it was good in Araçatuba while it lasted, but I was able to leave before I died.... Some people go and never come back, but I did.

Until next week and I'll send pictures from last week and this coming week.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, comp of Elder Negreiros of Florianópolis, Missionaries of Jaboticabal and I end mine epistle, amen.

Monday, July 18, 2011

A scary baby doll.
A nativity scene.
A motorcycle club sign.
Me and a parrot.
Me and Elder Sharratt.
A cow.
Me and the scary baby doll.
Me and the parrot.

This last week was crazy. Really Crazy.

I went to Ribeirão Preto for a day, because I´m an LD and there was a training meeting for all the leaders.

I had to get up at 1h30 to go to that, and I saw Elder Passos, it´s been a while since I saw him and I saw Elder Walker, from Franca. It had been 7 months since I saw him. It was pretty cool.

Transfers are next week and I don´t know what will happen, I have been here for a while but I could stay or leave, I could train, or go LZ. I have enough time, I have a year and 5 months out here.

So if you guys don´t hear from me it´s because I got transferred.
So anyway, then I went on a division with Elder Sharratt because he needed an interview done, so I did so.

You guys will see some crazy pictures that we took, some are kinda creepy....

We had interviews with Presidente Prieto this week and they went well, we just talked about college and his English and I made a goal with him to do an interview with me only in english by the end of my mission. He accepted.

So anyway this week was good.

I had a good week and I´m happy, Not anything super rad happened. But that´s ok, this week will be really good!

Oh I heard a line that I liked from Brother Bear 2

"When you love someone they stay in your heart forever"

Remember that.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

Monday, July 11, 2011

Clap, Clap Clap.....Oi Tudo bom? Meu nome é Élder Richardson, e eu sou um missionário da Igreja de Jesuse Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos Dias, e nós temos.....bam.......ok....thanks.

Sometimes it's even shorter than that. That´s knocking on someone's door and then getting it shut in your face. Some people don´t even answer the door, and I know they are there! Then some people just listen to you and waste your time and then just make up some lame excuse why they don´t want to hear your message, I honestly don't know why they do that and don´t just say no. It would be soooo much easier to say ok then, see ya later.

Then some people accept in the street and then do anything they can to avoid us.

This week was pretty good, we helped our LMA with his house and we helped another guy move into our ward from another ward in the city.

We got 6 people at church yesterday, that is an amazing feat, getting one person to church is hard enough!

One lady brought 3 kids and they were all over 8 years old and then 2 members brought friends. it was great, so we may baptize in the coming weeks, pray for us!

This week was pretty good, The lady that brought 3 kids was one of the people we taught last week or the week before.

Maria didn't go this week, she is having a hard time with Coffee.... This is always a problem, the Enemy works hard on people in any way he can.

Other than that this week was normal, it was good and crazy, I love it here still.

I now have over 500 days here on the mission! hahahahhaah

I am Elder Richardson, LD and I end mine epistle, amen

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing!"

Hey Happy Independence Day!!!!

I love my country, yeah I love Brasil, but I am American, I’m proud to be so!

Hey on Friday I will make 500 days on the mission!

This last week I wasn’t with my comp on Tuesday or Wednesday, we had to do some divisions, because I guess you have to do divisions with LDs, and seniors and LZs at the end of each month, so we did and I did 2 days in a row.

On Tuesday with Elder Sharratt, and then on Wednesday with Elder Smith. It was good, but still it was kinda weird not being with my comp for 2 whole days.

Then the rest of the week was normal, it was a hard week, not a lot of people wanted to accept our message this week, but one lady named Maria who we taught last week and we didn’t even talk to her during the week wanted to go to church with us and so we went to pick her up and she was ready to go!

She went and said she liked it and would come back the next week, so tonight we are going back to visit her and see if she has any questions.

Elder Smith and I helped an old lady carry her bags up a hill, (yes this really happened). Then I went back to teach her another day and she wouldn’t even listen to Elder Gomes. On Sunday I did an interview for a man named Marcio, he was cool and is so ready to be baptized, so I told him he could do it next week!

Then we went to lunch and by this time it was 4 in the afternoon then we went to our LMA’s house to help him with his home improvements. (See the pictures) Then we tried to teach people until the end of the night. That was about it.

So I have one more thing to say.
It must be said, I hope the people who need this the most read this, it is in respect of the passing away of our Dear Beloved Sister Karen Oborn.

I love her, and her family, I want to let them know they are in my daily prayers. I know that she is happy now and not in pain. I am so grateful to live in a time with the Restored Gospel and I know that it is true. I know it is hard to let someone go, but sometimes we need to let God do His work, and let people answer His call. It is not in our Human Nature to let such a thing go so easily, but knowing God’s Nature, it eases the pain. I love the Oborn family, I want them to know that I love them, and that God Loves them and God needed Sister Karen Oborn home. We don’t know why, but He did. So He called.

Please I implore all of you to pray for the comfort of the Oborn family, God will answer your prayers, all you need is a little faith. You can help people more than you know through the miracle of prayer.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen