Monday, May 17, 2010

Doesn't this look like a great city? I love it!

More animals to teach?

Hey guys!
Yeah everything is great here in Americo Brasilense! You know what I’ll tell you about my city. It’s pretty small, but it’s great. There are houses and then shops sometimes they are mixed together.... There are lots of people here, and everyone has a dog, whether they like it or not. There are lots of bars and that’s where we get Guaraná! You know ice cream really saves your life here.....

Hey if anyone wants to send me mail or a package, that is accepted as well as needed and loved! Just send them to the mission office, I will get them every couple of weeks! Ask my mom what kinds of things to send and how it all works.

Guys I love being a missionary, it’s so great, those of you who are getting ready to fill out your papers, be excited don’t give up! It’s so worth it! If you can go but aren’t trying to, what’s up? Get to work! Faz Trabalho Filho! Rapido, Rapido! [Work son, fast, fast!] (Taylor wants me to tell you if you need help filling out the paperwork, that I am willing to help. Sure—I can do that! I’d love to see you all off on missions.)

You know I did something great this week, we got 2 baptisms! It was pretty much clean up from the last Elders.... but I got to baptize Kelvin, and the other boy is Maicon. It was really cool.
(It looks like a member baptized Maicon, but Taylor was lucky and got to baptize Kelvin. And isn't it cool to see the name of the Church in Portuguese? You can certainly tell what it is.)
The smells here are good, bad and different. We have to usually eat everything all together, and they always make me eat more..... so I tell them I don’t want to be gordão! So they usually let me off on that.... (Taylor hates stroganoff and we used to tease him that he’d go to Stroganoff Capitol of the World. On Mother’s Day when we talked, he said we were right—Brazil is Stroganoff Capitol of the World—everyone makes their own version of stroganoff, but he is trying everything and says he mostly likes Brazilian stroganoff.)

I’m understanding a whole lot more than I did about a week ago......

I hope you will send me some mail! Missionaries love letters and packages!!!!!! Thanks for everything! I love you guys!
See you in 2 years
Elder Richardson

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