Monday, May 24, 2010

Ok This week in Brasil comes the following:
We baptized one girl, actually the sister of the guy I baptized last week. Her name is Tamires. Here’s the picture!

Everything is going great here, the city is like this, there are different bairros.... neighborhoods. There is the Centro which is like the shopping distrito [district], and then houses and there can be stores and Igrejas [churches] in these parts..... the buildings are small...... more or less like West Valley City! It has been getting kinda cold and I actually wore my sweater.

We eat lunch with a member everyday..... sometimes its good and sometimes its not..... but we eat it anyway..... one of the worst meals was this...... Fish spaghetti..... It looks like spaghetti but tastes like trout...... YUCK MAN! Have you ever wanted NORMAL spaghetti so bad, then it tastes like FISH? NO! But we do eat these little pizzas for dinner sometimes called Esfihas..... oh they are so good! [Here's a link to Esfihas They sound like empanadas!]

Man, everything is going great here. I love it here..... oh the funniest thing that happened this week was we were teaching an Inglês class and one of Elder Ellis’ friends on the mission called and so we asked him to say something simple in Inglês to the kids and he said “What’s your name E?” That’s how Brasilians pronounce it... and they didn’t answer so he said “What’s your freakin’ name E!” It was so funny!
Oh man I learned something that pretty much all missionaries learn, how to do the Rubik’s cube.... That’s right I did learn how to do it! That’s what’s going on here and yaya like I lost 13 kilos lost since I left home 3 months ago today!
Oh yeah Sundays are estranha [strange] here.... we get up and get ready and go to church by like 8:30—it starts at 9—and then we wait forever for people to come so we can have a ride to go pick up our people. Then we go to church . . .then we go to lunch at someone’s house . . . then we go out proselyting for the rest of the day . . . finish up our contacts for the week and everything else . . .and then we visit the greatest family here . . . then we go home . . . and then it’s P-DAY!!!! It’s great. Everything is.

Well ok guys I can’t think of anything else so, Rock on! May the Force be with you! I love you all and hope to hear from you! My Name is Elder Richardson, Trainee of Elder Ellis, Second in command of Missionary Work in Americo Brasiliense, Keymaster, and I end my epistle, Amen.

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  1. Esfihas look yummy! Sally we should make them!
    Taylor will have to race Richard on the Rubik's cube when he gets home. Richard wants to know if Taylor can do a "picture cube." Apparently it involves 2 extra moves.