Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Oi pessoas!

Nossa! This week has gone by fast! I´m learning so much so fast! It´s great! I love being here, wow so what happened? Let´s see.....

Sometimes people aren´t out so we don´t get a ton done, but we did get some work done! We have a few potential people to get baptized but we´ll see.... There is a family we go to a lot and their kids love us, they we trying to make me laugh yesterday, porque they think I´m super serious.....

Everything is great! I really don´t know what to say.....
We have like 15 flavors of TANG here! I love Guaraná, it´s so good!

Wow, the people don´t stop for pedestrians, I mean when they are driving their cars and stuff!

I love my area, and everything about it, my companheiro is super cool! We have been teaching some people one moça is really hard to teach, she won´t be home when she says or she won´t read and all kinds of crap.....

A couple of other people are really ready for baptism, and so is another family. I love being a missionary! I love what I get to do! Well Até proximo semana!

Eu te amo muito!
- Elder Richardson

We had a wonderful phone conversation with Taylor on Mother's Day. He sounds so happy! He didn't have a single negative thing to say about anything, which makes for a happy mother. He is in a small town of about 30,000 people and it is fairly rural. He loves his companion, who is a good missionary and is showing Taylor all the ins and outs of being a missionary. They are both new to the city; his companion is just coming out of the mission home after being the Financial Secretary for 6 months. He only has 3 months left and is excited to be a proselyting missionary again. It sounds like they are both trying to work hard as they learn how this city works. I took notes on the phone conversation, so when I get those notes in front of me--I'll see what else I can tell you! --Mission Mom

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  1. He is so upbeat, I love it! Guarana is good. I'm curious about what the 15 TANG flavors are.
    I've been dying to hear about your phone call. Can't wait to read the notes!