Monday, June 14, 2010

New companion, Elder Malaquias

Taylor--in front of some building? Their apartment?

Great road

Happy faces!

Taylor and mission president and wife

Laundry day. . .

Proud of his U of U jammies--said everyone else has BYU. . .

I believe this is the washing machine!

Todo mundo! (Everybody)
E ai? Beleza? Ótimo! Então, aqui é muito bom. (Hey there. Beauty “good”? Excellent! Then it is very good here.)
Sweet guys.
Well ok this is pretty good for me, now I´m not a new guy anymore and I´m understanding more and more..... I think I´m at like 60% now.... That´s awesome!

You know, I love being here it´s great! I got a new comp last week, his name is Elder Malaquias, he is Brasilian, and we do get along just fine... He does work different than Elder Ellis, but that´s ok. We are teaching a lot of people and still walking..... I´m at 87 kilos now...
That´s like 191 lbs.... That´s a lot less from when I started. If you look at my face now and from when I started, everyone says it´s thinner..... It makes me happy! and I´m still losing weight!

Man the World Cup started this week, for about the next month we won´t have a lot of work to do... but I did hear the coolest thing the other day.... Our National Anthem.... I actually stood in the store with my hand over my heart with everyone looking at me... I didn´t care.... Eu sou Americano! I am an American! I did get a tear in my eye from it too! I love my country!

Man everything is great here..... I love it....
This week was fairly uneventful, sorry guys......
I hope you are all having a good summer!
I am having a good winter!
I love you all!

I am Elder Richardson and I end mine epistle, amen.

Love ya!

Abraço! (hugs!)

Elder Richardson


  1. I think Mat took the same jammie pants to Brazil! ALL of his pday shirts are UofU t-shirts. Photos from pdays are funny because most of the Elders are wearing byu shirts and there's Mat with his U stuff. Ki Yi!