Monday, June 28, 2010

I think this means they have way too much time on their hands. . .

Elders Ellis, Hamaker, Richardson

Yummy pastries. . . looks like custard and strawberries?

On the road again. . .

Hello Bob Esponge. Nice to meet you.

The ants go marching one by one, hurrah!
The ants go marching four by four. . .

This must be the Lord of the Rings facsimile.

E ai, eu amo voces, entao e ai? Aqui em Americo Brasiliense tudo e muito bom. Temos muito trabalho pra nos. (Hey there, I love you! Here in Americo Brasiliense everything is very good. We have a lot a of work.)
Hey I'm happy as can be! I love being here, it's awesome!
Okay this last week was crazy. Ok every week stars with P-day! Yay! But this last week started the same. Then Terca-feirs (last Tuesday) we had Reuniao de Distrito (District Meeting) and we had to go to Araraquara (a nearby town) at night to sleep at our LZ's (Zone Leader) house and then get up at 3 to go to Ribeirao Preto for Conferencia!!! The last one with President Vieira. . . It was a good one though.
Ok then we got back here way late and then the next day was pretty normal but we were way tired, oh yeah we had to get our own lunch and we were waiting for money to come, but it never came, so we didn't get to work until like 3.
Then the resto of the week was normal, but we never got to anyone's houses. . . nobody was home. The Sabado (Saturday) we had a mini divisao (split) and had a 4 missionario almoco (lunch)! Then we tried to work, nobody was home and we watched the Brazil/Portugal game one Sexta-feira (Friday) too.
Then we had one of our investigators come to church, he is ready to be baptized but he was a little nervous, so we told him he could do it next week. He's pretty excited now. That's pretty much it.
Ok in some of these pictures there are ants, an area we go through that makes us feel like we are in Lord of the Rings or something, one with my trainer, Elder Ellis, Elder Hamaker, and Me! Elder Hamaker is like my Uncle on the mission, Elder Ellis is my Dad on the mission. Sisters get moms, Elders get dads. Your first comp is your dad, your second is your step-dad.
Oh yeah--I met SpongeBob, or Bob Esponge. So that's about it. . . I want to hear from you!
I am Elder Richardson, the only American here, and I end mine epistle, amen.
Love you guys, Eu to amo!
Elder Taylor Richardson

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