Monday, June 7, 2010

My District--before transfers! Front: Elder Capone, S. Nacimento, S. Pietroski, E. Ribeiro>> Middle: E. Wesley, E. Sajnaj, E. Porter>> Back: E. Novaes, E. Sevy, E. Ellis, E. Fidelis, E. Richardson>> this goes from left to right.

me and Elder R. Sousa

It's me! Supermissionary--breaking through a wall.

Me, Sister Pietroski, Sister Nascimento, Elder Ellis

Oi pessoas!

Today is transfer day here in Brasil, so for those of you who know what that means and for those of you who don’t it means new comps! I did get a new comp today, he is Brasilian his name is Elder Malaquias. He is pretty cool from what I can tell. I don’t speak much Português and he doesn’t speak much Inglês so here we go for the next fairly silent 6 weeks of my life! I’m still here in Americo Brasiliense.

It was a crazy week, we went to Ribeirão Preto on Thursday and helped with transfers, well I didn’t do anything because it’s a “secret” so I just sat there and read church magazines..... wow..... but we did got to a churrasco (barbecue) which was really good!

Sister Pietroski and Sister Nascimento
a typical plate of food

Man the World Cup starts in about a week! We have permission to watch it!

Everything is going great! I hope to hear about your lives, you hear about mine weekly! I’m so glad I’m a missionary, this is awesome! Other than this it was a fairly uneventful week!

It’s been fairly cold here lately, so I’m actually wearing a sweater..... This is me and Elder Ellis.

I’m enjoying life here in Brasil, in a couple of weeks I will hit my 4 month mark, it’s possible I will only have 6 more weeks here..... but I’m not sure, it depends on me and my comp, how we get along, how well we do, stuff like that..... But for sure I will be here for a total of 3 months.....

I’m learning a lot, and I’m actually able to kinda understand my comp and other people.

Man guys, have a good summer vacation, good luck in college, preparing for your missions, and heck even in high school next fall! Oh and all you camp people, have fun!

Muito grande abraço para vocês! (I give you big hugs!)

I am Elder Richardson, Junior comp of Elder Malaquias, in Americo Brasiliense, SP Brasil and I end mine epistle, amen.

Love you guys! Elder Richardson!
These are the only bikes we get to ride!

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