Tuesday, June 1, 2010


E ai? Beleza? (Hey there? Good?)

Ok I realized I graduated high school a year ago! ´09! I hope everyone is happy, I know I am!

Only one more week in this transfer! Then I may have a Brasilian companion then no more English.....crazy! I think I´ll get by.

Holy cow, we had Zone Conference this week, I got my bag and 12 letters! My family needs to put more space in between my letters........and my friends, you guys need to write more! I feel unloved! Ha ha, but still I would love to hear from you!

Everything is going great here, we didn´t have any big things happen except Conference, and that made the whole week fly by......we are working hard and having a great time!

Oh man the funniest thing that happened this week was the sisters in our district made us pudim (pudding)! Yay! and I told one sister I wanted her recipe... but I had to say it in Português, she´s Brasilian, and I said “Eu quer você” which means I want you. But I meant to say “Eu quer sua recita!” which is I want your recipe! It was really funny! Everything is great, I love what I´m doing! It´s so great!

Oh yeah, we met this dude again, we´ve talked to him before and he told me I have a lot of walking ahead of me and I´m going to China, apparently to preach after Brasil. He said my comp is now a citizen of Heaven and will preach in the US, and his wife will play the organ and have long hair.... and another lady told him he is going to heaven and so we figure he doesn´t need a visa now.... hahaha not a very good joke but ok. Oh yeah he started speaking in tongues too..... Pretty crazy.

I love it here. These pictures are of like our favorite family, actually it´s the daughter of the lady who we used her phone to call home (on Mother’s Day). Her name is Tamires and she is 7. She is way cool! So we were coloring together, it was fun.

And then there are some pictures of me cooking this morning’s biscuits and gravy. Well only the gravy. Maria, the Presidente de Ramos´ (President of the Branch) wife made us those (biscuits). We ate lunch with them on Sabado (Saturday). So she gave us food. So we had good food today!

(This jersey is for the Argentine team--a tribute to Taylor's dad!)

(I hope everyone notices this shirt--I love that my son bought an Italian jersey! Way to honor your mom--made me smile! For those of you who don't know, that where I served a mission!)

Everything is great here, I love being a missionary. I love you all!

My name is Elder Richardson, trainee of Elder Ellis, Missionary


  1. Silly Elder, flirting with the sisters. ; )
    I love the jersey!

  2. That is too cool! I love the jersey too! He looks so happy! Ü