Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Friends,
I send my greetings to you.

This week has been good, it was different for sure. I got to see if I would like train an American, and it wouldn’t be too bad. I had to do a 3 day division with a guy named Elder Britton. He was a pretty cool guy.

We got some work done, I’ve never had to do so much translating in my life! I forgot what it was like to not understand people. It was a really cool experience.

Man, this week we tried to visit a lady but she told us she didn’t want us coming over anymore... it sucked.... but oh well, we’ll just save her name and address and all that for other guys. We have been teaching a lot of less active members lately, because no one is ever home.... but we have a bunch of good addresses so we are going to visit there....

We have been doing a lot of contacts and not a lot of teaching because of this, but it is coming along. We did find a girl who is 9 and is a very active member that isn’t baptized so it is our responsibility now....

I hope you are all happy this week, it’s the week of Part 1 of HARRY POTTER 7!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky!

My life is pretty good here. it’s just a little too hot for November..... but it is summer here so what can I do? NOTHING! I really think one of the coolest things to do right now is serve a mission, it is so fun here, you get to meet so many cool people, and so many jerks, you learn a ton and not just stuff about the Gospel but stuff about life.

I love it. I encourage all to go on a mission. Oh yeah transfers are next week so if you don’t hear from me, that’s why. I think nothing will happen though.... but that’s just me.

Anywho I think I’ll end, I don’t have much more to say, except, I love you all.

I am Elder Richardson, Keymaster, American, and master of absolutely nothing, and I end mine epistle to the People of the North American continent, amen.

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