Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I just wanted to say that!
Oi meus amigos em Estados Unidos!

Como vai?

Tudo ótimo aqui, então eu vou falar sobre última semana.

Na verdade estava bem, mas difícil de mais, Eu senti como Moises, ele tinha muitas pessoas mas neuma queria nada! Eu falo com muitas pessoas mas ninguem quer nada! É chato, muito chato. Que isso?

E agora Thanksgiving acabou! Agora nós podemos pensar sobre Natal oficialmente!


Vou falar isso muitas vezes em proximas semanas....

oh então um experiência Eu tinha última semana é seguinte, Meu companeirho Passos estava falando com uma cara e a cara falou que ele não queria nada, então Passos perguntou porque? E a cara falou Eu Não gosto Missionários.

Passos perguntou mas você gosta de Jesus Cristo? E a cara falou, sim, mas não vocês.

Louco néh?

hahahahahha Eu vou falar em Inglês agora.

Tell him about the Twinky.

WHAT about the Twinky?

Yeah this week was hard, but good, it was hot as can be. I think I’ll tell you about the rain here.... It rains but not like BAM rain for 3 days it rains then it stops.... just really powerful for about 20 minutes or so, then it stops but it does that all day.

Hey how was Thanksgiving? Mine was a normal day, I didn’t even have a dinner I had some salgadinhos.... they are kinda like chips but that’s about it. It was funny, kinda.... hahahaha
Sorry about the Português, I won’t translate it, you can do it yourself!

I think mostly in Português now. So that’s why.... I realized I have less than 20 days left of being a teenager..... then I’m 20. This is weird.... but kinda cool at the same time.

I hope you are all happy, I know I am.

Do your best out there. Everyone, I want you to be good and pray for everyone, including yourself! You never know when people will need it!

I am Elder Richardson, Keymaster, Comp of Elder Passos de São Paulo, one of 2 Americans in São João da Boa Vista, and am hoping to hear from you all, and I end mine epistle, amen.

I begged Taylor for a translation—it would take me forever to do it, and I probably don’t do it correctly, so here is his translation of the portion written in Portuguese.


Hi my friends in the United States!

How are you? Everything is awesome here, I’ll talk about last week. Actually it was good, but harder than heck! I feel like Moses, he had lots of people but not one wanted anything! I talk with lots of people but nobody wants anything. it’s chato, really chato.....

What’s up with that?

Oh yes Thanksgiving is over! Now we can talk about Christmas officially! So MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

I’m going to say this a lot here in the next couple of weeks....

Oh I will tell you about an experience this last week. My comp Passos talked to this one guy and he said he didn’t want anything and so Passos asked why and he said that he doesn’t like missionaries and he asked if the guy like Jesus Christ and the guy said yeah but not missionaries.....it was crazy!

There you go, here’s the translation...


Love, Taylor

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  1. How neat to think in another language. I wonder if he dreams in portuguese?