Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi. My friends, unless you have forgotten about me..... but anyway, people I know in GRINGOLÂNDIA, E AI?

Have you ever been so sweaty from walking that the reason you have eyebrows and eyelashes DOESN´T WORK???? I have.

On Sunday we visited 5 families before going to church to try to get them to go.... we got back just in time for sacrament meeting.

Oh yeah HAPPY HALLOWEEN! OR DIA DAS BRUXAS!!!!! Oh last night I saw trick-or-treaters..... it was really funny, they had a sheet over their heads to be ghosts....
Oh yeah some dude we were talking to thought that I spoke Spanish so he used a couple words in Spanish with me, I know more Spanish than he does! and I don´t speak Spanish!

Oh there is this family we visit, and they have a little girl and she was looking at my planner and it has a picture of Jesus, you know the one that everyone has.... and a picture of the Salt Lake Temple behind Him and I asked her who it was. She said, “Jesus.” Aand then I asked her what the building was and she said, “Jesus’s Castle.” It was pretty funny.

Oh yeah every transfer we get our planners and put pictures from the Liahona and the Ensign on them and then use contact paper to laminate them.

I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY XELA!!!!!!!!!!!

During Church we heard the bell of the Icegurt..... (frozen yougurt in a tube) and all you can think about are the flavors of manga, coco, limão, graviola, and orango.... saboroso.... gostoso... gelado.....

The churros here are great, doce de leite!!!!!!Yep we can get the inferior kind too... chocolate.... but doce de leite is so much better, and we have doce de leite ice cream and everything! oh wow....

The food is good but usually very the same. Rice, beans and meat, here macarrom, or some type of spaghetti.

Everything is going great here.... work is still hard but its coming great, Elder Passos and I are getting along great still, we have some cool members here but a lot of them are menos ativo (less active), so we visit them and try to get them to go to church every week.

São João da Boa Vista has 3 pairs of missionaries. The ward has about 70 people going each week. We teach a lot, maybe 2-3 lessons a day or so....we usually do contacts on the street and try and visit them in the next couple of days if they seemed good, and when all is lost knock on doors.

Just Remember Bond, James Bond and Noel, Papai Noel...... hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I Hope you are all having fun preparing for Turkey Day!

Have fun! I am Elder Richardson, Keymaster, contact machine, and the only American in the city and I end mine epistle to the Gringos of Gringolândia, amen

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  1. The churros, ice cream and frozen yogurt sound delicious!!