Monday, November 8, 2010

Well Hi.

My Friends in the North,

I´m fine, how are you?
Everything is going fairly well, Today we are having a division for like 3 days, I´m with a new missionary called Elder Walker, for now, this is a different Elder Walker than before when I was in Franca. They have the same name so this Elder Walker will need to change his name. He just doesn´t have his new nametag yet. He is in his first transfer, so he doesn´t speak much yet. So My Português will have to do, this is pretty cool, I get to see if I will like to train or not.... So far it´s pretty cool, I really like this kid.

Oh I want to say one thing...


This last week We did a 3 day contact party... it was ok, we went to all the areas in our city and just contacted people for like an hour. We lost a lot of good teaching time, but it was ok, we got our contacts done. So not much happend this week.

We worked and did lots of contacts, that´s about it.

Oh man one house we visited we had a dog barking in our faces, literally our faces.
it was crazy.

We walked all over the city this week just doing contacts.... it was so tiring.......
and this week it rained again, have you ever been rained on so hard you can´t tell if it´s sweat or rain coming off of you?

I have.

Just so you know.

Well this week should be eventful.

It´s because of our contact partys..... so see ya!

I am Elder Richardson and I end mine epistle. amen

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  1. I can't believe he's a trainer! Elder R is growing up! He'll be such an awesome trainer!