Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Front, Elder Nolte, Huxford, Malaquias, Holmes
Back, Elder Lund, Me, Espínola, Botello, Bentley,
Super back Passos

This is the caqui (I believe this is a persimmon--we called it slime fruit in Italy)

Correos is the Post Office

St. Patrick's Bar
Hey, what’s up?

Well my week was good, but on Sunday night at ten to eleven Presidente Prieto called me and asked me 3 questions.

Are you being faithful to the mission rules? Yes
Are you being faithful to the commandments? Yes
Are you worthy? Yes

Scared the crap out of me. then he said he had a huge favor to ask of me, because I was going to leave São Carlos next week and become a District Leader (which is kind of a big deal in our mission) that’s why the questions.

Then he said that the missionary that will take my spot had some problems in his area and had to leave and asked me to go to Ribeirão Preto for the week and to leave Monday (yesterday) and he said come when you want and you need to leave your comp with some other missionaries and come alone and bring the phone to call me when you get here. So I went, that’s why I didn’t email yesterday. I got the opportunity to email today.

So I’m here in Ribeirão for this week and I’ll maybe email on Monday or Tuesday next week, it depends on where I’ll go and I’ll be and LD.

So that’s why I didn’t send this yesterday.

So this last week was good, like I said, and I will be transferred next week so same deal as always, I may not have time but maybe I’ll find time on Tuesday or something!

Well Happy Birthday Tara Rowley! Sorry it’s kinda late.... but still I remembered!

Happy St. Patrick’s day! Remember Green!

Man this last week I heard the Blitzkreig Bop in the background and almost lost focus, it had been over a year since I heard that song.....

I exhort all of you that need to go on missions to go! Don’t wait! Don’t be scared and don’t look back! Remember Lot’s wife!

Next week I’ll have a year and a month on the mission.... Crazy huh?

So this last week we saw a dog sitting on the bench in the Rodoviária, and so we took pictures, and some of the others are of São Carlos. Then one of me with Irmão Betão and the Salgados he made. Then a tomato lookin’ fruit called Caqui, it was way good, I actually ate it in the CTM, we called it the “Forbidden Fruit”.

I am Elder Richardson, soon to be LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. Wow a lot going on!
    That forbidden fruit looks interesting!