Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As I walk down the street the hot Brasilian sun beats upon my tired and scarred face, scarred from the sun and the dirt that constantly flies through the air of the interior of São Paulo, I look to my side and I see a man, sitting in front of his house, and I know that he will not leave until it is time to go in to sleep, I look to the other side and I see a girl in short shorts and a tank top with a hose in her hand cleaning the sidewalk and her sister is sweeping the leaves, I then wonder who should I talk to? who needs the gospel in their lives? they all do so I tell my comp to take one side as I take the other, Then we knock upon the doors of the houses one by one, to see if anyone wants to hear our message now. Some say yes, some say no, some not now. When? When will they hear it? We may never know.....

Then I sing a song, hooray for p-day the best day of the week it always came with email and no lunch unless I pay!

This last week was good, I got to talk to my parents on Sunday, that was cool, my new comp is Elder João he is from Rio Grande do Norte, and he already served a mission but is now doing a cortopraza one to help out. The funny thing is I speak better portugês than him.

I talked to a girl that looked like a vampire and then some drunk dudes asked me about what team I go for, so I lied not to get in trouble and the guy said Hey look even the Elders go for that team!!!!!!!!

I actually asked to eat a tomato, and for those of you who know me, know I don´t like them, but I ASKED FOR ONE!!!!!!!

This week was good, we did a bunch of contacts and worked hard!

Here in Araçatuba we have some of the hottest girls ever! Just so you know!

I love it here, I want you all to serve. You all need to go so you can gain a testimony of the Savior and serve the Lord.

I love what James E. Talmage said about the Savior in Jesus the Christ:

“Even the profane sinner in the foul sacrilege of his oath acclaims the Divine Supremacy of Him whose name he desecrates.”

Even the bad know Him.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine Epistle, amen

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