Monday, May 16, 2011

Taylor and his companion Elder João

I walk down the dusty road and I look to my right and I see a field of grass, and I look to my left and see a dog walking along the street and in the distance I see someone walking toward us, and then I see the small store on the corner that is also a bar. I stop and take a look at my planner as I wipe the sweat from my head and wait for the person to come, I talk to them and I get the address saying, we´ll visit there another day, not knowing when I will be visiting them. They walk away probably with many things clouding their mind.... we enter the store to buy something to drink and to get out of the burning sun. I find what I want, Guaraná, which is kinda like Root Beer, well ok it has nothing to do with Root Beer, except you have so many different brands and it is all the same thing and everyone has a slightly different flavor but it is all.... GUARANÁ....


So anyway this last week was good, but hard, we didn´t get in a single house this last week, well ok new houses, and even the older houses that was hard, like no one was home and no one wanted to go to Church, man it was really hard. It was a good week though, I liked it.

So anyway, I have a funny picture of Elder Passos eating pop rocks and he looks as if he is in horrible pain and I showed them to a girl and she about died laughing.

We always have a lot of drunk dudes talking to us about whatever, they ask for money, just want to talk, some just say hi, but always, always, always the drunk dudes get us.

We went to an English school again and made pancakes, that was fun, but I always forget to speak English....

During a lunch, we were waiting to pray so we could eat and then the lady and her son held hands, and so my comp said something funny thinking they were joking, and so I waited for the prayer and the lady looked at me and said in a stern voice, " take his hand." so I did and then she started to pray.... ok maybe for some of you that isn´t that bad, but here it is, that is a very evangelical thing to do and other churches do that, and so we try to avoid all appearances of other churches because it can confuse the members here and then other things will go wrong.

Oh I don´t know if I already said this but my comp ate McDonald´s for the first time a couple weeks ago and so on Saturday we got money for lunch and he wanted to go there, so we did, he loves McDonald´s..... hahahaaha

Oh I ate pumpkin for lunch last week that was the weirdest thing I ate last week...

That was about it, it was a good week.

I am Elder Richardson, I know this Church is true, I am a missionary, LD, in Araçatuba, and I fight for Truth, Justice, and God Almighty. I do what I must do, I encourage all of you to take up your arms and join me in this ongoing battle that we will win in the end, and I end mine epistle, amen.

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  1. What an opening paragraph! Nice!
    I love that he forgets to speak English!