Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I look at my shadow in front of me as the hot Brasilian sun beats upon my back, I hear loud voices of young girls shouting and talking in loud voices, obviously to grab our attention, I laugh to myself as they pass and think, they are no more than 12 years old, but then I realize that those kinds of things are normal for Brasil.... Just like a lot of the world.... I look up and as a car passes by I look quickly to the ground to avoid getting dust in my eyes. The dust is already on my shoes and pants and I don't want it in my eyes... then I hear a loud voice of a man, and he shouts " Hey Elders!" and points in the air and starts clapping as if we are rock stars...obviously he is drunk, no drunk man lets us pass without saying hi. They love us. We don't get hurt.
people respect the Authority, the Power we have. they can feel that.

So anyway, my week was good, it was hard, but good, we did a lot of contacts and knocked on a lot of doors and nothing came out of it, no one wanted to let us in.

We tried so hard...

Then on Sunday when we got to church a member gave us a reference and so we passed there in the afternoon, the family was great, they were exactly what we had been praying for, a family that can be ready to have the gospel in their lives!

This last week was short, long and everything in between. we taught a girl named Gislaine, she is 25 and is engaged but wants to break it off because her financé is lazy.... and not exactly what she was looking for after all and she is loving the visits and is accepting all of it... she is reading the Book of Mormon and is very excited. We just need to get her to go to church....

I did a contact with her last week and she wanted us to come over the next day, which is rare and gave us food twice!

That is about it.... The transfer is in 2 weeks and this Thursday we have a conference with Elder Godoy..... I hope it isn't lame, I´ve heard that some of his trainings are boring....

So anyway, Happy Graduation, Happy end of School and Happy Birthday Chantay Carter!!!!!!!

I hope your week is good,

I am Elder Richardson, LD and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. I hope things go well with the family and with Gislaine!