Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I walk steadily and quickly down the busy street and I look to the left and run across the busy street before the cars have a chance to pass. Then I cross the praça and get to the Calçadão, or the Big Sidewalk. Where there are many many stores to pass by, but more importantly for missionaries.... us, people. We talk to the people, to tell them we have a message about God and it is different than any other you have heard. Some people like it some don't. We do this for about an hour or more, just talking to people. Then we go into a neighborhood and walk and walk and walk until we get the the house of other missionaries where we will stay the night.

So anyway, this last week was pretty good, not much happened again but we did have the transfer this week.

I stayed here in Araçatuba and my new comp is Elder Gomes, from João Pessoa. He is pretty cool, I have already met him, I like him a lot. He is super short but cool, Elder Sharratt trained him.

I did some divisions with Elder Sharratt and we met some crazy people, like a girl who is a super safada, and she told us that she wants us to do bad things with her by rubbing her finger on our palms when we shake hands...

Then we saw a Jew, a real Jew, he had the hat and everything! He was at the store.

Then we ate real homemade yakissoba, from our Bishop, it was very good. And then we got the transfers, my comp left to go home, to hopefully focus on what he really needs to, marriage. Not just trying to relive the "Glory Days" I hope he will. It was a pretty good week, kinda uneventful but I don't know if it was my fault or my comp, we'll see this next week, my comp now has 6 months on the mission so he is still fresh. I almost have a year and 4 months on the mission so that means I'll be home in 8 Months, so sad....

I need to stop telling people how much time I have left.... scary thought I could be married in 10 months and be a Dad in a year and a half.... (not going to happen but is possible) hahahahhahahaha

I hope everyone's summer is filled with fun!

I am Elder Richardson, LD of Araçatuba and I end mine epistle to the Americans, amen.

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