Monday, June 6, 2011

A cross with the Southern Cross Stars on it
Elders Santos, Squires, Me, Arrazola, Joao and Sharratt
Me getting my shoes shined
Missionary Jail--Elders Arrazola, Sharratt, Santos, Squires, Joao and me
Me, Elders Passos and Botello
All the bills in Brazil
A typical plate of food
I hear the phone alarm go off, I wake up and turn it off, and it is very cold and very dark. I see bodies of other missionaries stirring in the dark stumbling to their knees to start their day in prayer, then after this daily routine, we all get up and pull on our clothes hardly talking because it is 4 in the morning. We pull on our suits and grab our bags, and pray as we leave the house. Then we take the 10 minute walk to the bus station to wait for the other missionaries and the bus to take us another city. Then we all board the bus and sleep until the next city over 2 and a half hours away. We all wake up and get off and go into the church and wait for the meeting to start.

And that´s what happened on Friday with Elder Godoy. The conference was pretty good, it wasn´t boring like we thought. I actually enjoyed it. We learned some more ways to help us baptize and work better, and we all slept at my house. The conference was in São Jose do Rio Preto. We all went home later that day got back at like 5. I got a box of homemade suckers which was a huge hit!

I learned how to be a better LD. I really liked it, we talked about attributes of Christ and techniques as missionaries and how to put them together.

This week was a normal week, nothing really big happened, we worked and met some people, no one wants to let us in for some reason.... but we gotta continue on!

I ate sweet rice this week, it is very funky.

I also found out the names of all the main spongebob characters in português

Squidward - Lula Bolusca
Spongebob - Bob Esponja Calças Quadradas
Patrick - Patrick Estrela
Sandy - Esquilo Sandy
Mr. Krabs - Seu Caranguejo
Plankton - Plankton

So yeah that was something fun that I learned this week and also, transfers are next week and I have no idea what will go on!

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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