Monday, August 8, 2011

I walk down the street and we look all over to find the address we were given, we look to our left and see a giant apartment building and we think, that’s it. We talk to the Doorman and he lets us in. We take the back elevator to the 13th floor and we look for the number 1302. We find it and knock. We are let in very quickly and we meet a girl named Amanda, she speaks English and was excited to hear that an American was in the city. We taught her aunt on Sunday (not yesterday) and her aunt told us to go over there on Tuesday, so we did.

So I talked with her in English for a little bit then we asked if we could share a message with her and so we did, and she loved it, I know she felt the Spirit very strongly when we told her about Joseph Smith. Then we told her to read the Book of Mórmon and she said she would. Then we went back a couple of days later and she had read and she said she loved it and she said that she lit a candle after she prayed to see and she waved it so see if it would go out, and it didn’t and so she waved it even faster and it didn’t go out and she told me she asked God for a sign to tell her it was true and she said that that was her sign, no matter what she did the candle wouldn’t go out. She now knows the Book of Mórmon is true..... Now we gotta get her to Church. Man Cool experiences!

SO anyway, that was like the highlight of the week and her mom said we are welcome at their house whenever we want.

This week was pretty good it was a little crazy and seems like we didn’t do anything, but we did and it went well.

It is really hot here, it actually got cold and rained this last week.

But it was good,

We baptized the daughter of a member this week, she lives in São Paulo and came here to visit for the weekend and she told her dad she wanted to be baptized. So we baptized her. She is 20 years old and now their family can be sealed together... her dad is super excited.

Other than that not much happened, we went out to another city called Monte Alto (high mount) and that’s where our bishop lives and we had lunch at his house so we took some cool pictures which I sent to you.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, only American in Jaboticabal, and Missionary and Servant of The Lord Almighty, and I end mine epistle, amen

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