Monday, August 1, 2011

Me at our house
Me and the Pie
My Comp and the Pie
The Ice Cream Pie!
Maria (Grandma), me, maiara, Ygor, Elder Negreiros, Josiane (Mom), Tainara
Me, Maiara, Tainara, and Elder Negreiros
Me and the Jaboticabal sign
A funny sign that says Pig People Throw Your Garbage Here
Elder Gomes, Me, Santos, Sharratt, Hudson and Smith in the front
The District in Aracatuba

The future is in your hands--as a missionary, it truly is. . .
The Brazilian Soccer Stars

Hey so what's up?

Oh are you ready for this?

Everyone, I, Elder Richardson after about 6 months, BAPTIZED 2 PEOPLE!

Wow, crazy stuff huh?

The names are Maiara Eustáquio Da Silva Vega and Tainara Eustáquio Da Silva Vega. They are sisters, and Maiara is 14 and Tainara is 12. They live like on a farm, and they were found by my comp and his last comp and then we finished up the preparations for baptism and baptized them on Sunday.

They are really cool and now we are working with their Grandma and Mom to be baptized maybe (probably) this week.
Like I said my comp is Elder Negreiros, he is pretty cool, I like him a lot. He is a good hard worker and we are getting along great.
Jaboticabal is a great city and a great ward, we are working hard and it looks like we are baptizing like no other man!
This last week we bought an Ice Cream Pie or Torta de Sorvete. It was very good.

This last week went by really fast and we visited a lot of people found some cool people and are helping a bunch of people get ready to be baptized, like families and everything.
The work here is really nuts, the members want to help and everything, a member will leave with each one of us every night to go visit our investigators... it helps out a lot and then they give them rides and everything.
In our Ward we have 2 other cities, one called Guariba and the other Monte Alto, so we have a total of 3 cities in our area.
It's great here, I love it a lot. It was kinda nuts going from a place that you work so hard and you don´t baptize to a place that you just work normal and you baptize like crazy. It was a little hard for me to realize that but it's ok now. I'm happy to be here, I love it here, and I do miss Araçatuba but Jaboticabal is great too! I'd stay here for a while too!

Well I think that's it.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, only American in Jaboticabal, step father of Elder Negreiros, and I end mine epistle, amen.

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