Monday, August 22, 2011

Well we had another nutty week in the podunk town of Jaboticabal.

This is like the second smallest city I have served in, the smallest was my first, Américo Brasiliênse.

It was a pretty good week, we worked so hard and we got so tired.

This week I will make a year and six months on my mission, oficialmente on Wednesday. Man that means I got a sister mission done! So anyway, this last week was great, we went to a lot of places and found some really cool people.

Me and my comp are getting along just great and we are working very hard. It can be hard, but you can´t give up. The harder it is the better and more worth it it is.

The mission is great, and I love it here in Brasil.

This last week was a battle to get people to church, this old dude who's wife is a member went to church and he said he loved it, he has lightened up with the missionaries since I got here. Then their Grandchildren went too, and a lady whose daughter has been going for like a month straight went for the second time and so we are going to work with them to see if we can baptize them this week.

The girl who speaks English (Amanda) she didn't go to church sadly, this is getting really hard to get her to go to church. The Enemy doesn´t want her to go. So we are doing absolutely everything we can to get her to go on Sunday.

We are working with Josiane as well, the mother of Maiara and Tainara, she is still smoking but we are helping her with that.

This week was an awesome week. We are going to work even harder this week.
I had a goal to read to Alma 32 by the end of the Transfer in Português seeing as I was a fubeca and had never tried to read the Book of Mórmon in Português, because I always heard that if you study in your own language then things are more profound for you. So I studied in English. Now I repented and am in Alma 58, so I am way ahead of schedule. I have 2 more weeks and I think I'll be able to finish. Every chance I have I just read the Book of Mórmon. I am also studying Preach My Gospel in English and Português and Jesus the Christ for the second time. Oh and I made a goal that I wanted to read the Bible cover to cover once on my mission, I'm in ROMANS!
I'm getting there!

So anyway, that´s about it. I love you all and I'll see you in 6 months!

I am Elder Richardson, LD, único Americano em Jaboticabal, and I end mine epistle, amen

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