Monday, December 19, 2011

This one is called: Trainings, Cakes, and Baptisms

SO anyway guys, yeah, I´m going to write in English this week, I just figured that I should write one in Português at least once!

So yeah yesterday was a good day!

AND ok I can take off caps lock now, ahem, and it was on my birthday! I got to baptize Lorraine! You´ll see the pictures.

So anyway, we had to wake up way freaking early 2 days in a row this last week, one at 6 and the other at 4h45! at 6 we had an LD training with Presidente Prieto and the Assistants.... sounds like a 60´s Surf rock band name....

Anyway it was a good training, I really enjoyed it, and I realized I had the most time there..... a year and 10 months. I´m so old.

Tomorrow we will have our Christmas Conference, this is going to be good! I´m stoked.... a lot!
Oh yeah,, and we got up at 4h45 so we could take Elder Lund to the Rodoviariá by 6, then we walked all the way back and then walked for like 50 minutes to go to the Sisteres area so we could have District Meeting. That was fun .

Then we heard some old guys telling a dog to shut up when it started barking, they said, "Shut up, I hate it when you bark, you stupid dog, you always do this, why do you do this you stupid animal!" It was pretty funny.

Then we went to a house that we visit, quite frequently actually, and they have a little girl who lives there, who loves us, and they have chickens and chicks and eggs and fruit and stuff like that. So the little girl painted the chicks nails pink and her grandma was complaining to us, (by the way she doesn´t breathe when ranting) and when she was ranting she said "and Manuella goes and paints the chicks nails all red!" and Manuella says "They aren´t red, they´re pink!" The old lady was trying to get Manuella in trouble but she (Manu) was oblivious to that and had to correct her and say they were pink! it was pretty funny.... we laughed our heads off....

That´s about it, it was a good week... and ended with Cakes and Baptisms.

Danilo is a girl in the ward´s boyfriend and is a pretty cool dude, and Lorraine is 15 and we found her using the area book and now she´s wanting to serve a mission!

It was great!

Happy Birthday to Andi (my cousin) Evan, ahem, Elder Epperson, and Mat Snarr!

and Merry Christmas to all!

Messy Kweznuz!!!!!!!

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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