Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Well Guys,

Here we are again at an end of another year. Merry Christmas to all. And a Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope that everyone's Christmas was wonderful. Mine was.... let me tell you about it.
Well, we went to Church at 10 and like no one went, only about 60 people to our normal of about 90.

Then we went to lunch and we ate and ate and ate. We had a filled potato, or a batata recheada, rice with carrots, rasins, and such. We also had turkey and much more. We had ice cream for dessert and pineapple.

Then we went up to the Church to prepare to talk to our families. Elder Bird used SKYPE and then I did the old school phone call. It was pretty cool... like always. Then we went to a member's house and spent the rest of the night there and we ate sushi, homemade sushi, one of the guys there is Japanese. It was really good. I had a good Christmas.

I hope you all are happy... I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

and Happy Birthday Travis Cloward!

I hope you are well, I'll see you in 2 months.

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen

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