Monday, December 5, 2011

E aí galeira!
Tudo bom?

Wait, this guy sounds like a tourist...

That´s from the movie "RIO" which we just watched. That was a pretty good one. Seeing as we can watch movies on P-Day, we watched that one and "Tangled" the Rapunzel story, that was pretty good too. We are probably going to watch "Pirates 4" here in the afternoon time.
So we took a break and came down to the Lan House to send our e-mails. So here we are.
So anyway we had a good week, it was the first week of the transfer so it was kinda crazy, but it was good.

My comp is kinda sick, and has been for the last 3 months..... so yeah, we need to work kinda slower.... like walking and taking breaks because he is weak.... so that´s about it, but we are doing well and the Lord will bless us in this time of need and bless us with the people we need to talk to.

We found a few cool people this last week, some of which that I had already contacted last transfer and we finally got the time to talk to them and they are ready and willing to do what we ask and what the Lord asks.

One lady is named Maria, ok I know a very normal name, but she´s real! She has accepted everything and she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon. She just needs to go to Church.

Another Lady named Aline, she is very cool and we taught her yesterday night, and she accepted everything, she actually wants to go to Church. She even had a bunch of questions, one of which, just us visiting, answered.... and that is were we racist? She is really, really black. So we fixed that problem, and she loved the message.

We have a girl that will be baptized on the 18th, which is my Birthday, her name is Lorraine.

She is very excited to be baptized!

So we are finding lots of people and working with many others. The work is hard and very satisfying.

This week should be a good week. I´m excited, my comp should be getting better so it will be even better!

Man we are kinda feeling Christmas, but it´s hard when you´re not at home, but we need to make do..... I think the hardest part is the fact that we have no SNOW...... AND IT´S REALLY HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! That´s my biggest problem.

But I love it here in Brasil. I love Christmas and I love using all the facts about it while I teach....From the Birth of our Savior to Santa Claus, or Papai Noel as we say it here.
I hope we can all remember the real meaning of Christmas, especially hence the name... CHRIST-mas. It has everything to do with our Savior. It is to remember His birth... His coming into the world....The beginning of perhaps the best 33 years our world has EVER known.
We need to remember this. I love Christmas, yes the presents are great. But I love the REAL meaning of Christmas. I love the fact that we can remember our Savior, at least for one day. Where mostly EVERYONE, from the devout Christian to the devout Sinner, can have peace and reconcile for one day, because of our Lord and Savior, who is called, Wonderful, Councellor, The Almighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

I hope you all remember this, I love you all. I love this Holiday, I love this time of year and most importantly I love our Savior.

On another note, I´d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY OBORN!!!!!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas!

I am Elder Richardson, LD, and I end mine epistle, amen.

PS I have had 10 comps this YEAR, in 2011...

check it out:
Elder Duncan - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder Espínola - 4 Weeks
Elder Brower - 1 Week
Elder Denyszczuk - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder João - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder Gomes - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder Negreiros - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder Castro (my son!!!) - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder Ribeiro - One Transfer (6 weeks)
Elder Bird - so far one week.....

That´s all my comps THIS YEAR!

I, Elder Richardson, LD, now end mine epistle, amen

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