Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Here is Taylor in front of the Sao Paulo temple. Last week I was going to ask Taylor for a picture of him in front of the temple, and here it is! Too bad all my wishes don't come true that easily.
We were really excited to get this picture from his branch president. Look how gorgeous Brazil is!
They also sent us the following letter this weekend.
Dear Family of Elder Richardson,
I am your son's branch president in the CTM. Recently I attended a temple session with your son and his district. Afterwards, I took these pictures and thought you might enjoy receiving them. He really is an outstanding person and is learning and making tremendous progress here in the CTM. I believe he will be a real asset to the mission that receives him.
Sincerely, President Milton H. Brinton
Thank you President and Sister Brinton! We are really happy to have these pictures since we did NOT get a letter from Taylor today. What a disappointment. I'm not really worried, but it was so sad to keep looking for a letter and never receiving one. It left quite a hole. The mood matched the weather here today--dark.
Following are the other photos they sent.

Taylor and his two companions, Elder Rich and Elder Holmes.

The whole district. Sorry, I have no names for anyone else! But, I'm happy to see such eager faces. They all look very happy and ready to serve!

So, no news is good news? Whoever came up with that?

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  1. I love the pictures. Brazil is so green!
    I'm glad you got a letter even though it wasn't from Taylor.