Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look how happy these Elders are! We heard from Taylor today and he sounds great. It was fun because Taylor, his dad and I were all emailing back and forth at the same time. It's almost like talking to him! We knew, at that moment in time, he was happy and well, safe and sound.
Here is his letter for today.

Oi Pessoas!!!!!

Ok, it’s another week in Brasil, I don’t know if I put this last time but I got a legit soccer (futebol) jersey last week! The food here at the CTM is all brasilian, but we did have cheeseburgers and grilled cheese......hmmmmm.......

My classes are good we are speaking more and more Português. I can now do the first and second lessons.... they are simple but effective. I’m getting the conjugations down.....now I need verbs.......

We went to the São Paulo Temple again today, it’s great. Yeah at the temple it’s half and half, I do Inglês and they do Português so that’s it..... I understand most of it but not all..... and I know the order now, so I can just say it....

I love speaking Português, it’s wonderful, for those of you who speak Spanish I’m sorry but I will know what you are saying but you won’t understand me! Hey something I know in Português!!! Creed’s line “Cool beans” it’s Feijo legal.

Ok the way I comb my hair, I thought looked dumb, but everyone loves it. Tomorrow I am getting a haircut but only a trim....

This is for my family and anyone else who cares about this, the sleep schedule isn’t bad, I’m so tired anyway. Yeah, sometimes I want to go to bed at 8..... And when I speak only in Português I get worn out.....

Hey for those of you who know Elder Josh Valdivia, we are here at the CTM together!!!!! It’s awesome!!!!

Guess what, I found out an amazing thing I can do..... we have these apples here and I eat the whole apple when I eat it...(yes the includes the core) so some other Elders wanted to see how fast I could eat a apple, so we timed it and I got 1:07 then I got 1:05 then I got :45 then I got :42 then I got it down in :30! It was a good way to wind down....

Elder Tyler Kenison, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! BENEVIDOS!!!!! Puerto Rico , Legal...... That’s Ótimo!!! You will be a great missionary! When do you leave? That is ótimo!!!

Ok now for Justin Richardson, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!
I love it here, it’s so much fun here I love it, being in Brasil is great. I love being a missionary, it’s one of the greatest things I’ve done. I know this church is true, I know I’m doing the right thing, I know this is where I’m supposed to be, I love serving the Lord, it’s wonderful. I love you all, know that your Savior or Salvador as we say it here loves you too!

Remember that, and pray for the missionaries daily, I do.

Elder Taylor Richardson

(Thanks to all of you are interested in what Taylor is doing. Remember, you can leave a comment and I'll pass it on to him.)

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  1. That is so cool!
    I'm wondering how many full apples he ate and in what amount of time. I hope he didn't have regrets later, lol!